Picture of Christina taken from the hay loft in the barn. There is nothing like the beautiful colors of the evening after a long afternoon of haying.
Adam is the newest addition to our farm family and is a hayin' natural.
Eric and I stacking the bails.
Good farm fun! Only 20 more tons to go!

Lunch One Harvest Afternoon

This is Anna, Sarah and Pritha. Fellow workers enjoying the harvest.

Finished Poly-tunnel!!!

After much work and careful deliberation we have finished our new poly-tunnel.
Jim skillfully headed up this project.

Eric and Vince helped the most, and rest of us lent a hand when we could.
This is a spectacular addition to this years garden and we will all enjoy the fruits of a job well done!

Potatoes for days
New poly-tunnel (greenhouse)...well...almost
How 'bout that?! Brand new Maypole. Thanks everyone! We had a ball.

CSA members

Two of our CSA work share members. Thanks Nickie and Louise!

Coolest Dad around!

Vince, my Dad, who is farming with us this summer. How cool is that?!

CSA shares

We still have shares available for this years CSA.

What is CSA? Basically, you pay a share of the farms budget and we supply you weekly boxes of fresh produce. Its the next best thing to growing it yourself. Contact us for more information.



We got our Onions in!!! 40 rows of tear jerkin' madness. Approximately 5,000 plants. Spring is here!

May Pole Celebration!


May 2nd! (the busiest day of the year) Pot-luck! Bring your own dishes!

We are happy to invite you to Heritage Farm’s 2009 CSA program.

What is “CSA”?

C.S.A. stands for Community Supported Agriculture. In essence, it is a commitment made between a farm and its individual community members. A farm feeds the people who commit to supporting the farm, sharing in the inherent risks and potential bounty. Through a mutual commitment we create more of a direct relationship between farms and consumers.

Our 2009 season works like this. We supply our CSA members with a weekly box of fresh, organic, seasonal produce in exchange for an “up-front” payment towards the coming season.We have three seasons throughout the year. Members can sign up for each individual season or all three seasons at once. We will provide two share sizes. A “single” share that is intended for 2-3 people, and a “full share” that is intended for 3-5 people.

For more information please e-mail us at heritagefarmcsa@gmail.com