Our pledge

Our Pledge to you as farmers

Knowing what we do and how we do it around here is your best assurance that you get food that is grown with love, care, and our hearts and done responsibly. We farm with methods that show we understand the ecological web of life and the implications of our individual actions. We try to leave that little piece of the earth we call Farm in a better condition than how we find it each year, working with the natural forces and limitations of mother earth. We have integrity for this farm and we want you to see this in everything we do.
We are here first and foremost to build and maintain a healthy soil. It is the soil which gives us the ability to grow healthy and nutritious food, because without it we are putting nothing but harm into our bodies. In this end we abstain from the use of synthetic chemicals in the form of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers. We make up for this with crop rotations, cover cropping, liberal use of compost, green manures and reduced tillage in our farming practices. We never willing use GMO seeds or plants for vegetable production. 
The animals on the farm are treated similarly with ethical and humane practices that allow their innate characteristics, safety, desires, and freedoms to shine through. This extends to our family members, the volunteers, hired labor, our customers and those that visit our farm.
We process out food minimally and handle it with care to preserve the natural nutritional value of the food. We use only clean, fresh, potable water to clean our products and get it to you quickly and fresh as possible.
To do all this we also support agricultural and community infrastructures that enable small farms like ours to thrive in an ethical economic framework. Working with other farmers and like minded individuals in our region, we strive to create a more sustainable way of life. This means that we also do our best to keep the air, water, and soil clean and unpolluted for future generations and the community at large. We are all in this together and we try to create a better ecology in this inherently destructive world of farming. We encourage this through creation of beneficial habitat zones for greater biodiversity in plants and animals (and even the weeds).
We help to preserve the social framework of our business by sharing both our knowledge and know-how to the younger generations while providing our overproduced and unsold delicious foods to people who need it in our neighborhood.
Seeing this on paper or a computer screen can assure you only so much. That is why we encourage everyone to come by the farm, take a look around and ask questions about how we do what we do each and every day. We are proud to say that you will want nothing less on your table after a visit to our farm.