Biodynamic planting

On the farm, we are interested in working with biodynamic practices.  For those unfamiliar with biodynamics, it is an alternative form of agriculture.  It could be said to fall into the "beyond organic" category.  Biodynamic farmers pay close attention to the timing of their activities, including when they sow seeds and harvest, to ensure the most favorable conditions for their plants and the farm as a whole.  For example, Wednesday was a leaf day on the biodynamic calendar, meaning conditions were most favorable to plant veggies that are characterized by leaf growth.  So as seen in the picture, Pablo planted cabbage seed that day.  Other days on the calendar are denoted as root (e.g. carrots or beets), fruit (e.g. peas or squash) or flower days.

Pablo planting cabbage seed into flats in the greenhouse.  You can see our lettuce seedlings and onion sets in the foreground.

2 Response to "Biodynamic planting"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Is there a good day for hops?

  2. Manon Lee Says:

    If you want many hop flowers, try planting the hops seeds on a flower day.

    I find the 'The North American Biodynamic Sowing & Planting Calendar' is very helpful for determining which days suit your crop in you farm or garden best!

    You can find the booklet on Amazon for just over $10.00

    Hope this helps!


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