Lettuce in winter?! Thanks hoophouse!

Last autumn some greens were transplanted into our hoophouse in hopes they would be able to overwinter.  I ventured into the hoophouse yesterday and was pleased to see the small lettuce, mustard greens and kale plants have grown, perhaps spurred on by the lengthening daylight hours.  I stocked our farmstand with a few precious bags of salad mix.  Maybe someone else is as excited about wintertime lettuce as I am?

Despite some pretty vicious cold-snaps this winter, some greens survived in our hoophouse.

Callie, one of our barn cats, can't stay out of the limelight as I photograph the salad mix harvested from the hoophouse.

2 Response to "Lettuce in winter?! Thanks hoophouse!"

  1. Gordon Pennington Says:

    Wintertime lettuce? That says excitement!

    Hi Callie.

  2. Chris Says:

    Nice looking salad. woo Hoo for winter lettuce. Wish I had some outside my door.

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