Flower starts and seedy websites

Greetings everyone, Pablo here.

Of course, my first post will be all about me!  I want to shamlessly advertise a new website that my brother designed for me www.zoeticseed.com  It is where I am selling flower seed that I grew and harvested down in Oregon before I moved up here.  I also have a seed rack at our farm stand here, and at Compost It in town.

This is the seed rack at Heritage Farm

I know that you might be uncertain about an "online store" or even seeds in general, seeing as how they are so small and everything. To dispel those fears, check out a few seed starting books such as The Maritime Northwest Garden GuideThe Flower Farmer, and Seed Sowing and Saving, as well as Seed to Seed to prepare yourself for a floral adventure.  We are entering the "window of opportunity", where everything is possible to plant, and your acreage is the limit!
Look, these seeds really do work!
Celosia "Pampas Plume"
The flowers shown above are the first "wave" of flower seedlings.  I plan on successively sowing several (a regular tongue twister) batches, that way I can provide flowers to our CSA customers and farmstand regulars throughout the season.

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