Signs of Spring

I couldn't be happier with the breaks of sunshine that have heralded in the spring, particularly because I know the weather report calls for more rain soon.  Taking advantage of the opportunity, I snapped some shots of the budding and blossoming happening around the fields.


A cabbage transplant that has been moved outside the hoophouse, one of the first this spring.

Raspberry cane buds, I can taste the berries already. 

What spring farm blog posting would be complete without at least one baby animal photo?  Meet Millie, a NW farm terrier, and the newest addition to the menagerie.  As you can plainly see, she is a fierce guard dog.  She doesn't let any stranger onto the farm...without trying to lick their face first. 

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Looking good! No surprise - Berrie is your middle name!

    An original Berrie

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