CSA begins and farm construction

Our 2011 CSA began on Tuesday, the first day with sun in a while.  I have heard we are nearing the end of a La Niña cycle, which would explain the colder, wetter temperatures we have be experiencing.  We were thankfully still able to fill our members' baskets with various shades of green vegetation, and I think we are all looking forward to when the weather allows a more colorful harvest.

CSA set-up inside the garden shed.  

 New hoophouse, housing multiple varieties of tomatoes and a trellising system inside.

We completed building a new hoophouse a couple weeks ago, intended to keep heat-loving crops (tomatoes and peppers) happy and hopefully encourage them to produce fruit earlier in the season.  The construction process was a learning process, to say the least.

Entrance to one of the two hives.  Note the pollen being carried inside by the middle bee.

Our resident honeybees have been busy building as well, as evidenced by the constant traffic in and out of the hives.

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  1. hauling Kearney mo Says:

    Soon these tomatoes will grow properly in such farm inclosure. Looking forward for more photos.

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