Barrel compost and Emily's new calf

What's that we're shoveling in the picture, you ask?  Well, it's a big pile of cow manure and nettles.  We enlisted the help of our enthusiastic interns Sarah and Ian to help turn the pile, a necessary step when preparing barrel compost to improve the fertility of our soil.

 Cult ritual?  No, we're just working to improve the fertility of our fields!  (The bandana over Sarah's face was a fashion choice and not related to the manure.)

 Ian uses tongue and groove planks to build an in-ground barrel for the compost preparation.

Gertie, the newest member of our Jersey cow herd, was born to proud mama Emily two weeks ago.  She is about two hours old in this family photo, but by now has grown enough to romp around the pasture.  Gertie's favorite activities include standing in a hole (previously dug by chickens) and challenging her mom to head-butting contests.

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