A mixture

How bout an introduction to what we plant all our starters in. Its an important ingredient for the farm. Without a proper mixture of stuff we wouldn't be able to get early broccoli, there would be no tomatoes, and we might have to fight mother nature for our winter squashes.
The first thing we use is Coir.

Its imported from India and its made of coconut husks. Its packed into a 12"x12"x5" brick that weighs about as much as a brick of gold. It adds a lot of fluff to our mix and hold lots and lots of water. Before anyone gets on the bandwagon of how far it traveled lets just say that it consumed less fossil fuel getting here by boat than peat would have by truck from eastern Canada. And it doesn't require someone to destroy a peat bog in the process. I just wish they would leave some of the coconut in the bag!
And the next part is the compost. We make that right here with grass and cows (and a few horses help too).
In the front pile (next to the wheel barrow) is a pile being built. Behind it is the finished stuff. Sweet, brown and full of yummi nutrients for the plants.
Next goes in the soil.  Here our presenter shows a finely made bed. We scoop shovels out of many area of the garden. It is needed so the seeds and baby plants can get to know the soil they will eventually spend their lives in. It brings the "alive" spirit to the mix.

Then it all gets screened for big chunks, rocks, and sticks.

And finally we mix in puffed volcanic ash. I call it "earth popcorn". Its like snow but will never melt. It adds porosity or air spaces to the mix. Roots need to breath.
In the end we get a fluffy mix that is a lot like snow in its fun factor. Here we have a demonstration of soil mix angel making. No snow suit required!

We put this in the flat plugs first to get the seeds started. These are baby tomatoes.

And then they moved to bigger pots on a warm sunny day

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