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Its warming up and things are starting to finally look like they are growing but we also got hit very hard with a strong freeze. It took out a lot of tomato plants in the hoophouse. There may not be many for sale this year. Everything else survived well. We got put in another few beds of cabbage, broccoli, and kohlrabi, thanks to the help of some volunteers.
The greens are coming on strong so we should be harvesting soon. Its looking like we will have to wait til the first week of May to make our first distribution. And it will be loaded with leafy green things.
Everything is covered with floating row cover in anticipation of flea beetles and cabbage maggots and the carrot rust flies.
Tomatoes are getting moved to bigger pots on Thursday and we are putting in the squash seeds for the season then as well. Its a fruit time on the biodynamic calendar. Speaking of which we gave spirit rights to the compost pile the other day and put in our biodynamic preparations. Next is to mix up some good ole horn manure and give it a spray on the garden. Then to the horn silica to enliven the plants with the qualities of the air and warmth.

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