Project day

The other day we were so caught up in the garden we decided to start work on some projects. We got a lot done but as of today, Friday, we are behind again. So goes farming.

This is our local Zapatista all up in arms. He wields not sticks of fury but of wheel barrow handiness. Wheel barrows last forever but every once in awhile you need to replace the handles.

Instead of building we were deconstructing a huge steel sink to be used in cleaning all the bountiful produce. Hack saws away! Be gone ye copper pipes.

And then a sink with peepholes. We are going to build a better faucet head for cleaning food.

This is not nap time on the farm! The drains needed to be made bigger so all the gunk from the fields doesnt clog it up. The water is piped out to the beds where it will be used to grow the water hungry celery.

Gandalf the great paid us a visit and offered to stir our biodynamic prep with his powerful and magical walking staff. It has great potentizing powers.

And our onions got a special treat of fish emulsion to help them get some big green growth. This stuff is loaded with nitrogen to make em big and tasty.

The spring frogs are everywhere. Here one was helping me to harvest some greens.

And look at this beauty. A work of art fit for a museum. Or maybe our farm. This masterpiece will greet all the members as they come to get their share each week.

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