Fall Flavor

The season has been long and difficult. The worst in 2 decades I am told (depending on who you speak with). But we have harvested the winter squash and have hauled it into the greenhouse to protected it from the coming weather. Its not as huge as expected but at least we have some to eat in the months ahead.
We tore into 3 different varieties and the results are good. They have firm flesh and are sweet. Not as sweet as I had hoped or what I am used to but none the less very tasty. They cooked up nice in the oven, held their moisture and even got a bit flakey near the end. We ate them right out of the shells. Just a bit of salt and butter. Then we made a bit of bread and a whole mess of creamed squash soup.
We put in several varieties but the best ones are sweet meat, baby blue hubbard, and burgess buttercup. Unfortunately these are the ones that produced the least in our wonderful climate. As I have been saying all  year long, "there is always next year!"
We hope you enjoy all of them over the next few months...

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