Pipes, covers, colors

Here on the farm is a blast. Especially when the wind starts a blowing. All the dry summer we use an irrigation known as drip tape. It lets out a drip of water every 4" and keeps the soil moist when the dry PNW winds are a blowing all summer long. Even though it may seem moist in the air, the soil dries out considerably. This method allows us to not help along the fungus and plant problems that occur with over head irrigation. It also allows us to save water. And believe it or not we need to save water. But I digress... The tape is a bit of a hassle to deal with when done for the season. It lasts at least two if not three but is so thin that it just tangles into a mess if not rolled. I got the great idea to just bunch it all up, all 17,000 feet of it and lay it out flat. I then laid about 45 fence posts across it all. I hope this holds them down for the winter or I will need to buy new spools of the stuff. Lets all cross our fingers that the drip tape doesn't cross itself into a mess.

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